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Who I am

Stand Up Comedian

The purpose of Amar’s books is to inspire his readers to live life with passion, love and happiness. So far, the books that he has written are the below. Snippets of life from an eccentric (Short stories) Free Will-The...


Amar is an intellectual comedian. He is so intellectual that he doesn't understand half of his jokes and the audience doesn't understand the other half. Think about the last line for a minute. Anyhow, he is persisting...

Inspiring Speaker

Amar is an inspiring & motivational speaker. He seeks to use his writings and stage experience to inspire people. If you have an event where you need a speaker who can pump up the audience, please do reach out...

Public Speaking

Amar is passionate about stage. As a child, he was quite scared of it and it has taken him many years to get comfortable with it. He seeks to help people who have a fear of Public Speaking. He can put together workshops...

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Amar goes around as Comedy Wala Amar on YouTube where he has less than 8K subscribers and worse on Facebook. You can also check him out on Instagram and Twitter as @amarvanee. Amar currently jokes about his wasted childhood, writing, start-ups, Delhi, Gurgaon, women and things they want, marriages, cultural stereotypes, Indian English, advertising, numerology, LGBTs among other pointless things in life.

He is building new material all the time and can customize for you.


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