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Amar is a writer, stand-up comedian and a marathon runner. He also works as a market research consultant with qualitative research agencies across the country.

An MBA by qualification from S P Jain School of Global Management, he worked in the corporate world for 8-9 years in Advertising and Market research before taking the leap of faith in early 2015. His faith has kept him going so far, for what he believes is a long journey of faith, courage and resilience.

As a writer, he has written 4 books and is writing more. His books so far cover genres like short stories, philosophy, poetry and fiction. He is currently speaking to agents/publishers and/or self-publishing agencies for getting his books the right publishing platform. Find more about his books in the writer section of the website. As a comedian, he has performed across Delhi & NCR in theaters like Akshara theater, Alliance Francaise and Epicenter. He performs regularly at bar venues as comedians respectably call bars in the open mics to build content.

He is on a mission- to make people happy, not just outside but in their hearts too. Writing and Stand-up Comedy are his routes to achieve his mission. Running for him is meditation besides being the best exercise ever. He has run the Airtel Half Marathon 4 times, the SCMM full marathon once and a few other half marathons.

Amar is also interested in public speaking coaching and motivational speaking. Since he is currently following what he is passionate about, he wants to inspire other people to do the same. If your organisation has a specific need, please feel free to reach out. He can customize a workshop for you. Please do not forget to check out the blog. If you would like to connect with him, head to the ‘Contact Amar’ page and drop in a message. There are videos and pictures in the gallery for you to enjoy for free.

Thank you for coming here and spending a few minutes of your time. All this third person language is a fraud. It’s me.

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